The 3 essential cleanser secrets…

Most of us learned to wash our face at our mothers’ knee, or I suppose more likely, at the bathroom basin. As well as being admonished to scrub like crazy, we were probably urged to do all sorts of other seriously dubious things to our delicate facial skin.

At the age of five or six, the sort of damage inflicted by these, frankly barbaric, practices would have very little lasting effect. But try those tactics later in life and you are asking for trouble.

A thoroughly organised, ‘time is no object’ skin care regime goes something like this – Continue reading

Keeping the sun at bay

Isn’t it great to finally wave goodbye to miserable winter weather and start to enjoy some sunny days?  It seems like everyone has come out of hibernation and barbecues, al fresco dining and even the prospect of long summer days are finally on the horizon.

I’ve certainly noticed how much more lively everyone is, energised by the sun and the warmer weather.

Even the tiniest bit of sunshine makes us all feel so much healthier and has many benefits in terms of vitamin D production.  But too much exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging of the skin.  So now is definitely the time Continue reading

Winter survival 2 top tips…

Well, unfortunately, it looks like winter has arrived – and it only seems like a couple of weeks ago we were enjoying a ‘barbecue’ summer.

With winter comes unsympathetic weather and harsher conditions for your skin.  And the assault on your skin doesn’t stop there – modern central heating and double glazing keeps us warm and cosy but it can be dreadfully drying, removing moisture and amplifying the effects of ageing.

Now is the time to look after your skin with particular care.  Which means? Continue reading